Traditional skin care systems like to define us by our differences. Actually, when understood from a derma-biological perspective, the skin’s essential needs are shared by all of us regardless of our gender, ethnicity or age.

& Proteins.

Our skin contains a combination of highly evolved natural proteins vital for its well being and to protect us from external damage.

These highly active molecules exist within every individual, but they are continuously destroyed by exposure to sunlight, pollution and stress.

Modern science has developed an advanced awareness of the skin’s physiology. We now understand that to preserve the skin we have to nurture it deeper.

Clean, natural

Mameha is a combination of clean, natural ingredients and the latest scientific research: from essential vitamins and neutraceuticals to peptides and botanicals. Organic skin nutrition for the 21st Century.


The skin is a living organ

The skin is the largest organ in the body, protecting us against external harm, helping to maintain the body’s temperature and providing us with sensory information about our environment.

It is made up of a number of different layers, comprised of cells and structural proteins suspended in a watery gel and cushioned by a layer of fat. These layers are called: the epidermis (the protective outer layer), the dermis (the deeper structural layer where many proteins and oils are synthesised) and the hypodermis (the subcutaneous fat layer). Each layer of the skin synthesises proteins to help maintain a healthy structure: keratin for rigidity and defence, elastin for flexibility and collagen for suppleness. Working together, these proteins and the stratified structure of the skin are responsible for maintaining skin’s strength and flexibility.

Our skin is at its most efficient and healthy stage when we are about 4 years of age. After that, its ability to repair and protect itself slowly declines throughout our lives. Mameha helps restore the skin to its peak performanceby providing the comprehensive nourishment it needs for optimum activity and vital growth.


We are an ecosystem of cosmetic scientists, researchers, innovators, artists and designers pioneering the application of advanced natural skincare to preserve and enhance human (and the Earth’s) skin.

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